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Hobart Parish Newsletter – St Joseph’s Church

The Third Sunday of Advent, Year A, 10-11 December, 2022
The Second Sunday of Advent, Year A, 03-04 December, 2022 (ed.3)
The First Sunday of Advent, Year A, 26-27 November, 2022 (ed.2)
Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, Year C , 19-20 November, 2022 (ed.2)


(29th November 2022)

Christmas Hampers 2022

Thank you to all who are contributing to this year’s Christmas Hampers or contributing through cash donations – your generosity it very much appreciated as we share Christmas with others.  Completed Hampers are to be returned by 12 noon next Sunday 11th December.  If you are unable to meet this deadline, would you please ring the Church Office on 6234 4866, advising the Hamper number and likely delivery time.

Our hampers this year will provide some on-going support for refugee families and individuals who are struggling to provide food for their table during this Christmas Season.  The Christmas Hamper appeal is organised by our Parish Refugee Outreach Group.  Because of the number of Hampers required it has again been decided to provide just the FOOD hamper. 

(16th August 2022)

arewell to Fr Gerald Quinn CP

Contact details for Fr Gerald :-
Nazareth House, (Holy Family Wing)
16, Cornell Street, Camberwell.  VIC 3124. 
Phone: 0490 901 767

After 33 years of ministry in the Archdiocese, Fr Gerald Quinn CP has relocated from St Joseph’s Church in Hobart to Nazareth House in Melbourne to better care for his mobility issues.

Having recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, Fr Gerald’s ministry in Tasmania includes serving as the Catholic Chaplain at Royal Hobart Hospital for 31 years.

Those 31 years saw him called to the bedside of a dying person approximately 50 times a year, to be present with them and administer the sacraments.

Fr Gerald was involved in many initiatives during his ministry in Tasmania including monthly prayer sessions at Hobart’s Parliament House to pray for politicians, and fundraising for pregnant mothers.

Archbishop Julian expressed his gratitude for Fr Gerald’s many years of service to the people of Tasmania.

“I wish to acknowledge Fr Gerald’s wonderful service to the people of Tasmania over the past 33 years, especially his work in hospital chaplaincy.

“We wish God’s abundant blessings upon him as he settles into the next phase of his life and ministry,” Archbishop Julian said.

Fr Gerald has frequently spoken over the years – most recently on the celebration of his sixty years of the priesthood, of his gratitude to God for the privilege of being a priest.

The Archdiocese is grateful to God for the privilege of having Fr Gerald live out his vocation here in Tasmania for the past three decades.

(Archdiocese of Hobart – Josh Low)

(16th May 2022)

 Br Edward Braden CP – On The Move

Brother Ed’s address:
Mercy Place Rice Village,
7 Moylan Loop,
Victoria 3216.


Br. Ed left Hobart on Monday, 16th May, after his 50+ years here.  Yesterday, Sunday, people after every Mass were looking out for Ed to say their farewells – as they have been for the last few weeks.  Fr Peter and Br Ed had de-cluttered fifty years into four suitcases for Ed’s move this morning.  Ed wasn’t showing any signs of nervousness about this move, and showed a lovely sense of calm and peace of mind.

On the evening for his farewell meal, Ed requested sausages and chips.  Then, in typical fashion finished the meal as he always did, stacking dishes and loading the dishwasher before turning out the lights.

Our wonderful Br Ed has been a member of the Hobart St Joseph community for 50 years. Over all those years, he has been the welcoming presence at the church doors, Sunday after Sunday. He has surprised some tourists by remembering their names from a previous visit four or five years earlier. In his quiet, prayerful presence and his courageous coping with health issues, Ed has been himself an icon of Jesus Crucified, his presence has been compassion in action.

However, the time has come, Br Ed decided to ask if he could move into assisted care. Selfless as always, he wanted not to be a burden on the community. His family, to whom he is very close, live in Geelong, and so Ed is retiring to the Rice Mercy Home there.

Ed will be very much missed by his many friends in Hobart.

I know you will all keep Ed in your prayers.

In Christ Crucified
Fr Tom McDonough CP
Provincial Superior

(27th June 2021)

Profession of Fr Justin Durai Raj, 27th June 2021

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