Stations of the Cross

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The stations of the cross were installed on 2nd July 1893. They were subscribed for by the congregation, who decided to acquire stations more ‘in keeping with the church than the small pictures, and one gentleman of the congregation’ gave 50 pounds towards them. They were obtained by Fr Hennebry from Lyons, France for about 107 pounds and are sculpted in terra cotta, painted in oils and mounted in heavy oak frames.

They were blessed by Fr Hilary O’Meara of the Congregation of the Passion, assisted by Frs Hennebry, Kelsh and O’Flynn moving round the church from station to station, while the crosses were fixed to the frames and the choir chanted the Stabat Mater. The ceremony was followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament by the Archbishop.

St Jospeh’s Church Hobart, Conservation Management Plan, 2006